EVANIX BAFFLE 7KIT reinforced Ø29.6mm for total 120mm long

VAT doesn't apply, art. 293B CGI, plus shipping

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reduce 15,8x the sound!!! 

Noise mesure made without bafle with the 7 kit 

change your noise reductor tested at -12 db compared to the model without baffle 

Baffles for All Calibers
you can as well MAKE YOUR OWN SILENCER SUPPRESSOR with this piece
 adapted for all caliber 0.177 0.22 0.25 look to the plan 

nox3d reinforced copyright

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7 pièces renforcées pour changer vos suppresseur de bruit dans votre silencieux evanix testé à -12 db par rapport au modèle sans baffle