Gear Knob shifter mod upgrade for Logitech g923 g920 g29 g27 g25 - 100mm

VAT doesn't apply, art. 293B CGI, plus shipping

Delivery Time 1 - 7 Days

Have you ever seen your logitech gearbox to small?

you like custom parts and things that have a good grip?

NO  worries !!

With this quick change, you have the tailor-made product to make your product evolve

This modification is compatible with all logitech gearbox bases.

  • Shipping to all Europe => 3 - 11 days.
  • Shipping over the World => 1 @ 5 weeks 

PETG as a material used in 3D printing is characterized by a functionality very similar to ABS (good temperature resistance, durability, resistance)

available BLACK only

©knob mod copyright by nox3d

100mm long

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100mm long