Thrustmaster wallmount, support de roue

VAT doesn't apply, art. 293B CGI, plus shipping

Delivery Time 1 - 7 Days

finished the superb wheels lying on the ground and which deserve to be exposed on the wall, like trophies.

Block system in place

- easy to mount

- easy to ship

- easy to use

- nice to see

PETG as a material used in 3D printing is characterized by a functionality very similar to ABS (good temperature resistance, durability, resistance)

©screw blokers mod copyright by nox3d


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Support de roue mural pour volant Thrustmaster

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fini les superbes roues gisant sur le sol et qui méritent d'être exposées au mur, comme des trophées

- facile à monter

- facile à expédier

- facile à utiliser

- sympa à regarder