EN STOCK T3PA, T3PA PRO, T150 cranckset - ON DEMAND ONLY ->send a request with the contact section

VAT doesn't apply, art. 293B CGI, plus shipping

Delivery Time 1 - 7 Days

Send a email to verify availability

THROTTLE, BRAKE or CLUTCH available !!!!!

accelerateur FREIN ou EMBRAYAGE DE DISPO!!!!!!

available for the T3PA T3PAPRO , 2 pedals for t300 t150 & tmx (specify in order which model you have)

 ---- clutch or accelerator or brake (specify in order the mod you will)

quick assembly without dismantling anything (5min) Screws and instructions supplied

it considerably increases the resistance of the latter to give it the additional feeling.

indeed the pressure measured at the pedal just before contact on the silentbloc goes from 3.6kg to 6.7kg the spring adjusted to the freeest.

and over 9kg !!! in its maximum prestressed setting.

©thrustmaster upgrade kit mod copyright by nox3d

!!! only available on command , contact our team to select the model you wish !!!

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