BRAKE evo T-LCM rubber MOD upgrade kit

VAT doesn't apply, art. 293B CGI, plus shipping

Delivery Time 1 - 7 Days

NEW Soft flexible rubber upgrade kit for thurstmaster T-LCM

The product has been developed in partnership and in comparison with a real porsche GT3

 in order to obtain the best combination of rubber 

to reproduce the pressure of a real competition car!!! test it You won't be disappointed

6 pieces to make the difference!!!

MORE FEELING, very realistic , test it, and feel it.

The Thrustmaster T-LCM is a great product that already gives a good feeling, but with this kit you will really increase the realism of the brake pedal to make it comparable to a real car.

-More precise

-more feeling

-more torque

-less distance to brake pedal, like real GT3 brake


©RUBBER mod copyright by nox3d

Informations francais

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le T-LCM est un super produit qui donne déjà de bonne sensation,

mais avec ce kit vous aller vraiment augmenter le réalisme du pédalier frein

afin de le rendre comparable à une vrai voiture.

-Plus précis

-plus de feeling

-plus de couple sur la pédale

-course réduite afin d'augmenter le réalisme